Triple M & Sky Dollar Beef Seem to have No Ending Watch the videos

The friendship between talented super star known as Triple M and Sky Dollar seem to seize with no doubts.

Triple M recently confirmed that before he was known all the country he used to be a very good friend of Sky Dollar and by this time all where just upcoming artists, he further specified that there was a day when he requested of Sky Dollars songs when he was given many songs then he choose Tulima lebanise then for we all know that Triple M is a very great tik toker he went further and started vibing to the song and it went viral he asked sky dollar that they do a remix and sky dollar decided to refuse then later on triple m made a boom with xaven and T-Sean there after he became famous and he has maintained the pase. here on his incoming song christened Again which features Yo Maps he did a verse where he talked about sky dollar and how he has failed to maintain his Fame.

watch the video below.

on the other hand sky dollar after listening to the above verse he has decided to do a diss song and it will be out soon but down here is the studio session of the Sky Dollar.

Now here is the thing before you choose sides remember this is Zambian industry and the best way to go about things related to this is to mind your own business, Thank You.

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