[Viral Video] Popori Boga Apologizes To Fans Over Missing His Birthday Bash

Libya based Nigerian fast rising singer widely known by stage name “POPORI BOGA” has expressed his feelings to fans on the rumor spreading about his birthday, as fans bitterly complained on how he did not invite most of them during his birthday bash held on the 14th of this month being Valentine day.

The hardworking music veteran “POPORI BOGA’, took to his youtube channel to explain the cause to the situation. He illustrated those venues which would have been compatible for the birthday bash was all booked out to other clients, due to valentine ceremonies.

He further emphasized on many fans complaining that “He tried to separate Men from boys”, that the reason why the party was held in his house, which did not contain up to 40 people is the above mentioned.

He finally apologizes to all his fans and lovers, that he is really sorry for the incident. He as well promised to host another show that gonna be “Lit” as all his fans will be able to attend , and then promised to make the ticket fee to show affordable, and the venue gonna be compatible.

Watch the Video below!

Watch the birthday bash below!

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