[VIRAL VIDEO] Pince Henry has asked Bob Iger, Disney CEO to hire his wife, Meghan Markler for a Voice Over with Disney

It has been revealed in a video that Maghan Markle has signed a deal with Disney.

Meghan Markle recently signed a voiceover deal with Disney and it is believed that Prince Harry helped her land the deal as an old video of him pitching her to Disney CEO Bob Iger has emerged.

On Saturday, January 11, was announced that Markle, 38, had signed a deal with Disney to provide a voiceover for an upcoming project from the studio in exchange for a donation to a non-profit benefiting elephants in Botswana.

A video obtained by the Daily Mail now makes it clear Prince Harry might have been the one who sold his wife to Disney.

In the video shot at the premiere of “Lion King” last summer, Harry, 35, can be seen speaking with Disney CEO Bob Iger while Meghan Markle spoke with Beyonce and Jay-Z.

“You know, she does voiceovers,” Harry could be heard saying to Iger, 68, as the prince pointed to his wife.

“Oh really, I did not know that,” Iger said.

“She’s really interested,” said Harry.

“We’d love to try,” Iger responded

Watch The Video Below:

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